Hotel Berthod - Alpine Green Experience


The Hotel Berthod, run as a family home, thanks to its strategic position (close to the pedestrian street and a few hundred meters from the main cable car), became a reference point for all those who decide to stay in Courmayeur and it is also one of the few structures open all year round in the area.

The trademark of the Hotel Berthod is to offer guests a warm and caring hospitality characterized by eco-compatibility: the Hotel has become part of the “VIVA, Valle d’Aosta unique in nature” System, which is a guideline representing a new way of protecting the environment by stimulating a guided and conscious use of nature. Its core is the participation of the various stakeholders, citizens, families, sportsmen, local communities, productive activities to the Regional “beauty”.

The Hotel Berthod has always protected the authenticity and tradition, the true treasure of the Alpine regions, also as regards the food products widely present in the Aosta Valle. Thanks to this, the Hotel Berthod has obtained the “Saveurs du Val d’Aoste” label, which shows where to buy the typical products of the Aosta Valley – guaranteed for quality and origin – and where to enjoy traditional recipes and local food products, always in genuine and local atmospheres.


Services for guests (summer / winter)

Paid wellness center

Free bicycle

Private parking is available at an extra cost


This Hotel allows you to associate the hotel room booking that you have selected with the possibility of renting an electric car at a very affordable cost. In this way, in addition to easily reaching the Hotel you have chosen and moving comfortably in the surroundings, you can also help make your stay more sustainable for the areas you will visit…


Rental rates are always associated with accommodation and are lower than a classic rental.


The car delivery will take place directly at Turin Caselle airport or at Porta Nuova train station or at the Aosta train & bus station. It will be carried out by our staff who will explain the easy operation of the electric i3 BMW.


All cars have a no-fault policy with a very low deductible, only € 300.


Charging the electric i3 BMW can be easily done at the hotel at no cost to the user.


Find the room you prefer among the Hotels participating in the project and book your stay.


After booking the room, you will be able to add the car booking for a small additional cost


Once you reach the car pick-up point (Torino Caselle Airport, Porta Nuova train station, Aosta train and bus station), a person in charge will give you your electric car and all the information you need…